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Message to local buyers in Hastings County, Ontario

If you see items of interest at our shop please be aware that we can make local delivery happen for you. Upon ordering an item send us a message we will remove shipping charges and arrange for local pick-up. But please be aware you must order at our Ebay shop even for local delivery. Items must be paid for prior to arranging local delivery.

The first part of 2020 was a busy one for us. We attended many estate sales and auctions and did some buying all before this recent Covid-19 pandemic occurred. Some items sold before we could write this update but thought we would go over a few.

It has been a challenging time for everyone. And everyone is affected in some way. But it is wonderful to see how most have adapted and respect the guidelines being set for us…shopping from home is a great way to go.

Shopping online is great alternative and while our shop does not carry everyday items so much we can provide you all with some neat stuff.

Deb really does love going through estate Jewelry lots. This is one example of the may beautiful pieces she has come across in her hunt…

Just about all of our Jewelry is Vintage from estate sales. Marked pieces like Avon, Coro, Sarah Coventry, D’Orlan, Fifth Avenue Estate (Butler), Eloxal from West Germany the list goes on and on. But also umarked Vintage pieces that are outstanding in their own right. Please do visit our Jewelry section at our Ebay store Thrifty Ways. Pay shipping on the first item and subsequent jewelry items order at the same time ship FREE!

Below are are recent finds in order of most recent …