Contacting Thrifty Ways, Bancroft, Ontario

Need information on an item? More than happy to give details. Looking for a specific item that we can add to our hunt list? We absolutely would like to hear from you and would be honored to seek out items you like best.

PHONE: Deb or Wayne 1-613-332-2344

CELL: 1-613-857-3704

Message to local buyers in Hastings County, Ontario

If you see items of interest at our shop please be aware that we can make local delivery happen for you. Upon ordering an item send us a message we will remove shipping charges and arrange for local pick-up. But please be aware you must order at our Ebay shop even for local delivery. Items must be paid for prior to arranging local delivery.

Use our from below. We’ll reply within the day in most cases. Thanks for dropping by our shop Thrifty Ways

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