Cabinet Photos 1870-1920

Cabinet Photos 1870-1920

Cabinet Photos 1870-1920 were photographs that we can possibly compare to passport type photos. Although larger and carrying the mark of the photographers’ studio or as they were referred to in their day Art Galleries.

Cabinet Photo 1890
1890’s Child in Mourning

Measuring approximately four inches by six inches and displayed by mounting them on card stock cabinet card photos got their name from their size—they were just the right size to be displayed on a cabinet.

Most collected are those with the photographer’s shop or “Art Gallery” displayed on the back of the card complete with location. Families had photo portraits done at the photographers (Art Gallery/Studio) to be used to send to family, friends and loved ones. It was also a sign of status as the technology was new to most.

Collectors like to group by location, era, subject matter. Photos with great clothing and jewelry displayed are always of interest as are child photos again depicting the styles and fashions of the era.

Cabinet cards reached their peak of popularity in the 1870s through the 1890s. Cabinet PhotosThey continued to be made into the 1900s, albeit less frequently. So most you see are from that period making them interesting as they capture moments in our history. To the left are some examples of the backs of these collectible photo memories.

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