About Thrifty Ways Bancroft Ontario

About Thrifty Ways Bancroft Ontario

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About Thrifty Ways Bancroft OntarioWe began on our thrifting  adventures about the same time we were downsizing and leaving the urban sprawl. We now are located in a greener rural area. Transitioning from full time professions we found ourselves seeking that hobby that would keep us occupied while providing some limited income. We have learned that it takes quite dedication to the service we provide to do som but that’s just fine with us.

The inexpensive, one-of-a-kind gems we have discovered by scrounging through piles of items make the whole endeavor seem more like a real treasure hunt than any of the simulations computer games offered. We’ve been hooked ever since. We do thrift shops, estate sales, auctions online and offline and any yard/garage sale when location and time permit.

About Thrifty Ways Bancroft OntarioVintage items, collectibles and any item that can be had for a reasonable price is always our aim.  We then do the research and list all new items here  on our site as well as on our Ebay store also named Thrifty Ways.

Looking for a specific item, we do estate auctions and sale hunts..let us know your wants here!